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From CombiSteam Sous Vide, to pyrolitic and microwaves, our ovens and compact systems are powerful and precise cooking instruments that give you complete control.

ProfiSteam SousVide Oven EOBP9901VX

Achieve more with the Electrolux ProfiSteam SousVide Oven, which intensifies flavours and creates tender, mouthwatering food. It allows you to steam food at a low temperature, as well as combining several levels of steam and heat. All of this with one-degree precision for amazing results – every time.


Multifunction Pyrolitic Oven EOCP5803AX

The new Multifunction Pyrolitic Oven offers a comprehensive set of programmes to help you achieve amazing cooking results. In addition, the pyrolitic self-cleaning system will keep your oven clean and fresh, helping you to create even better culinary experiences.


Multifunction Oven EOAP5803AX

The Multifunction Oven offers a wide range of programmes, enabling you to experiment and achieve exceptional cooking results. Its extra-large capacity allows you to cook several dishes in one go.


Compact CombiProfiSteam Oven EVYP0946AX

Combining steam and heat makes the most of any food – unlocking the delicious flavours, while locking in the nutrients. Our new Compact CombiProfiSteam Oven offers different levels of steam cooking in a sleek, small format.


Compact CombiProfiSteam Oven EVYP9841AX

With a discreet design that complements Electrolux Gourmet Range, the compact steam oven is a seamless and sophisticated addition to your kitchen. Not only does it seal in flavour and nutrients as it steams – whether the crisp crunch of broccoli or a fresh fillet of salmon – but it looks good delivering the textures you want, too.


Compact Multifunction Oven EVYP5841AX

The Compact Multifunction Oven offers the same performance and possibilities as a full-size oven. It comes with a comprehensive set of programmes, enabling you to experiment in the kitchen and create inspired dishes.


Compact CombiMicrowave Oven EVYP7800AX

As good as two ovens in one. A Microwave and regular hot-air oven with special functionality, such as heat and hold, makes this is an excellent tool for your daily cooking.


CombiVac Sealer drawer 14 cm EVDP1490AX

The Vacuum sealer drawer gives you the freedom to embrace SousVide. Cooking at low temperatures to infuse and intensify flavours so that you can replicate restaurant-style results. A tenderised breast of chicken. Deliciously caramelised carrots. Ensuring the perfect textures you expect while preserving the tastes you enjoy.


Warming drawer 29 cm EEDP2980AX

This stainless steel Warming drawer heats plates evenly before eating, or keeps food warm once it is cooked. It has a robust handle and can be used with our compact and full size appliances.


Warming drawer 14 cm EEDP1470AX

The stainless steel Warming drawer heats plates evenly, has a robust handle and can be used with our compact or regular-sized appliances.


CombiVac Sealer drawer EVDP2980AX

The CombiVac Sealer enables you to use professional vacuum technology in your own home. Together with the CombiSteam SousVide Oven, you can create exceptional flavours – opening up a new range of culinary possibilities.


Compact Auto-Coffee Machine EBCP5452AX

A compact coffee maker that allows you to choose the strength and type of coffee you like – from a strong espresso to a mild cappuccino. This sophisticated machine is designed to match the rest of our sleek new range of kitchen appliances.


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