It’s all in the technique

Fine cooking is an art as well as a science

It is a balancing act between heat, moisture, timing and the expertise to judge the correct use of each. Discover some of the Gourmet Range’s capabilities. And imagine the possibilities.

Seal in the flavour


Venison fillet with roasted parsnips salsicca on game meat and black Tuscan kale.

Products used:

The CombiVac Sealer, the CombiSteam Sous-Vide oven and the Teppanyaki hob.

Sous vide

When you can hold temperatures within 1 degree, suddenly the culinary world is your oyster. Like exquisitely textured, edge-to-edge pink steaks or the tenderest of chicken. When the CombiSteam Sous Vide oven and the CombiVac Sealer unite, anything is possible.

Gentle does it


Dumplings in dashi with a variety of mushrooms

Products used:

Profi Steam Sous Vide, with one-degree precision and the Grill Plancha on the induction hob.


Cooking at low temperatures of 45 to 85 °C for a prolonged period of time is a chef’s best friend. Say hello to CombiSteam. It will intensify flavours and improve texture giving you precise control so you can perfect even the trickiest meringues.

Sear this


Seared scallops with hollandaise sauce, trout roe and roasted seaweed.

Products used:

The Teppanyaki hob, Infinite Pure hob and the Grill Plancha.


Not just the preserve of meat, searing everything from vegetables to scallops caramelises ingredients and heightens their flavour. Enter the Teppan Yaki hob or the Grill Plancha which will transform your dinners into a culinary event.

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